Saturday, September 1, 2012

In My Daddy's Arms

At this time last week I was packing up the last of my things and saying goodbye to my family, as I prepared for my drive to Huntington University.

I looked out the window to see the garage empty and realized my dad was checking over and cleaning out my car (because he is just an incredible dad like that :) ).

I was crying. 
I was scared. 
I was completely overwhelmed.

And God met me where I was.

As my earthly father wrapped me in his big, strong, safe, and loving arms and whispered all the things I needed to hear in that moment, I was overcome with love and couldn't will myself to let go.

And all of a sudden, God showed up.  In that moment, I heard God's promises ringing in my ears, and I heard his soft and comforting voice say,
"It's my turn to hold you.
My arms are strong and safe.
And my plans for you are great.
Just like your earthly father has made sure your car is ready,
I have made sure that you are ready.
I have cleaned you out.
I have checked you over.
I have prepared you for this.
I will be all that you need, for I am more than enough!"

So I let go of my earthly dad, and fell into my Heavenly Father's arms, surrendering myself completely to Him.

This week has not been easy. 
In fact, that's an understatement. 
This week has been unbearable. 

And, yet...
through crippling anxiety
through overwhelming doubt
through constant skepticism
through all of my unbelief...

God met me where I was and in my darkest moments his voice rings clear,

"I am Alpha,
King of Kings,
the Redeeming God,
and your loving Father...

and I am MORE than enough." 

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