Monday, September 10, 2012

Lessons From a PT Cruiser

Earlier this year in May, I developed a need.
I needed a car.

I was driving my cute, little, green Saturn down the road, on my way to an appointment, when all of a sudden the car began to shake.
I thought I could drive it off.
Apparently, I thought wrong.

The car began to shake worse.
And worse.
And worse.

I pulled over.
It ended up getting towed.
The engine ended up being irreparable.
And I waved goodbye to three grand.

That was a story of forgiveness, trust, and patience, all in of itself.

Flash forward to July.
I was still car shopping... for the second time in less than seven months.
And at just the right moment, in the most unexpected way, I spotted this cute little, silver PT Cruiser for sale.

Long story short, God ended up providing in His wonderful, gracious, and miraculous way, and a few days later I was driving off in my new car, affectionately titled the "Freida-Cruiser", by my wonderfully hilarious brother-in-law.

And God began working out a lesson I will not soon forget.

As soon as I drove off the lot, I began to notice other PT Cruisers on the road.
I know it's common for people to see others with their same car, and I had experienced this a little with my Saturn.
So I brushed off my frequent PT Cruiser sightings as a freak coincidence.

But, it continued...

Literally, every where I went, I saw PT Cruisers.

I took a 20 minute drive a few weeks ago and I saw EIGHT.
Eight PT Cruisers.
In 20 minutes.
That's roughly one every two and a half minutes.

And in another drive, I was cruising through town, behind another silver PT Cruiser, when it turned to the right.
I looked to my left, and there was another silver PT Cruiser, turning to the left, perfectly in line with me and the other Cruiser.

I'm not really a believer in coincidences.
I think God speaks in the littlest things in life, but this?
This was just weird.

And the more I dug for meaning in it...the more crazy I thought I was.
Rather than be crazy, I thought I would just forget about it and close my eyes whenever another cruiser drove by...or something like that.

But, driving the other day, I was seeing my usual string of PT Cruisers, and God began to speak.

"No matter how many cars are similar,
none are the same.
None are the same as yours.
They may seem better.
They may be silver and similar,
but not one of them has that little dent in the back hatch from a cart rolling into it.
Not one of those cruisers has three mysterious scratches across the roof from its previous owner.
Not one of them has been cleaned out thoroughly three times in one week by it's new owner that cared so much about it.
Not one of those PT cruisers are the same."

And as I look around a college campus in which I feel like I am just one of the masses, God whispers those words to me,

"No matter how many of these people are similar,
 not one of them is the same as you.
No, not even one is the same.
They may be similar.
They may seem better,
but not one of them are you.
Not one of them has your scars.
Not one of them has our relationship.
Not one of them has had me lovingly clean them out like I have with you, over, and over, and over again.
Not one of them is the same."

Oh, how good is my Savior and his encouraging words!
Who knew a PT Cruiser could mean so much?!


  1. That's so awesome! God does work in mysterious ways

  2. Wow, all i can say is Amen!

  3. Love how He uses the seemingly mundane things to teach us wonderful truths about Himself! He seems to whisper, "This is for you because I love you so!" Thanks for sharing!


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